Dr.Shri Chandrashekar Guruji

"Vaastu Shastra was finally written for the benefit of mankind and not for our destruction. The ancient wisdom of Vaastu should be made relevant for contemporary times. We cannot afford the misuse of precious resources and wasteful spending. We also cannot disturb the delicate environmental balance due to this mindless menace of fraudulent Vaastu related changes. These prescriptions fly in the face of all established norms of architecture, engineering design and most importantly, prove to be a health, safety and environmental hazard (HSE)."

" Vastu veda is a fund of techniques to help every person to enjoy the natural benefits freely offered by the pancha mahabhuta or five gross elements of the universe in which we live of which space is the most significant. Our home, planet earth supports life because of the presence and balance of these five elements. They are: (1) Prithvi, Bhumi or earth (2) Ap, Jala or water (3) Agni or fire (4) Vayu or air (5) Akasha or sky, space, ether."

"Besides these, there are three subtle elements. They are: sound, light and vibration or time. Vaastu Shastra is applied to keep oneself in sync with all the essential elements of nature. It is a structural science that was developed by our learned ancestors thousands of years ago. It is deployed today purely as an architectural discipline and its principles vest us with the means to live in tandem with natural laws that govern the universe"

" The science of Saral Vaastu combines all the five basic elements and balances them with the owner, the design and the material. It takes advantage of the benefits bestowed by the five essential elements of nature to create a congenial living and working atmosphere thereby facilitating spiritual well being and paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness "

" When I was seized by the sheer beauty of this unique concept, I tried various experiments through a fusion of the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra with modern civil engineering methods. I was surprised to see that it delivered the promise in all areas of my life. Similarly, I practiced the principles in the homes and businesses of my friends and relatives and was gratified to hear their appreciation of the positive results. Then I decided to extend this benefit by bringing it within the reach of ordinary people by making it widely available ."